Breeder Recommendations

This is a tough subject to write on...  I want people to be able to get healthy, well bred, well socialized puppies if they can not get one from me, so I am providing a few contacts.  If you are looking for a breeder in your specific area or state, let me know, I can help you find someone :)

Local/Michigan breeders:

Patricia Gustafson (Agape` Shelties)

Therese Walters (Walters Way Shelties)

Veronica Dowling (Hi Dow Shelties)

Kathy Belville (Romyldale Shelties)

Debbie Tresnak (Trelynn Shelties)

Walt & Mary Christiansen (Neahm Shelties)

Bryan Borchardt (Solstice Shelties)

Linda Kepner (Snovali Shelties)

Patti O'Dell (Shandy Shelties)

Don & Linda Chilson (Lil' Blessings Shelties)

Sharon Schute (Brynmere Shelties)