2013 News


..... was a "boring" year as far as dog shows. 

May 1 & 2 - The newest litter was born at Sympa.  Sire: CH Cambridge Coming Attraction "Redford", to our Kylee.  5 males!  One was born natural (Bruyn) and the rest were via C-section at my wonderful vet clinic the following morning.  Unfortunately, one puppy did have a cleft palate, not severe, but one none-the-less storecialis.net.  That puppy, "Chance", was given to a veterinarian with a tonne of experience in raising and rehabing cleft palate puppies and supporting them until surgery can be performed to fix the palate.  Sad news came within a week that Chance hadn't made it despite getting the best possible care by a specialist veterinarian.

Our pick puppy "Oscar" (Mr Red) was given to my mentor, Pat Gustafson of Agape` Shelties.  The dog shows for the rest of the year consisted of Non Licensed Puppy Classes in UKC.  Oscar did very well, earning two Reserve Best Puppy In Multi Breed Shows and one Best Puppy In Multi Breed Show.  He continues to build a fan club everywhere he goes :)